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Yachiru nicknames everyone. EVERYONE. There are no exceptions. If we interact in camp, sooner or later, she'll nickname your character. (Later being when the player can't think of anything off the top of her head and just doesn't use names at all!)

Nicknames she uses in canon: 'Enpitsu' (pencil) for Ishida which still makes me crack up even now, 'Bururun' (early-bloomer/big-booby) for Orihime, 'Pachinko-Head' for Ikkaku, 'Maki-Maki' for Aramaki Makizou (11th Division thuggie), 'Ken-chan' for Kenpachi, 'Icchy' for Ichigo, and Byakuya is 'Byakuya-oniichan.' Also, Yumichika is 'Funny-Brow', and I have no idea if that is canon or fanon, but it's the only one I've ever seen used for him. XD;

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yaaay canon and fake essays

My review of canon really goes along the lines of 'let's pick up the latest volume WHO CARES if it's 175 chapters or so behind la la la.'

That said, volume 15 gives me some stuff on Yachiru and the rest of 11th (four pages, but highly informative ones) to chew on because I'd forgotten it ages ago. Has it really been over a year since I picked up Bleach?

Nearly a direct transcript, but I changed names back around because I hate it when translators flip them.

volume 15, ch. 128 - The Great Joint-Struggle UnionCollapse )

So this tells me two things that have some bearing on my play: Yachiru can forget nicknames. Which works, because occasionally I forget and change what she calls people because I haven't recorded it in the Giant Nicklist of Doom.

The second is that she can apparently pinpoint and differentiate spiritual pressure better than I thought she did. Ackpbbt. So now I'm not sure what bearing this has on her terrible sense of direction anymore. Because if the difference in ryoka and shinigami spirit energy is dramatically different, then all the ryoka should have been unable to hide in Seireitei. It's canon that you can tell what direction someone is in from their spirit energy, so does this mean she could actually focus? On the other hand, she couldn't detect Aramaki, whose level of power was lower than Orihime's. Hmm.

Either Yachiru can a) find someone if they're fairly strong, distinct and she knows exactly what to look for, or b) she spent the whole afternoon wandering around, got close enough to Maki-Maki and Orihime (who would have been heading to 11th's quarters anyway, come to think of it), and went 'ping!' Or even c) she was sitting with Kenpachi the whole time and went to investigate when Maki and Hime entered the building.

In conclusion, CANON WHY ARE YOU SO VAGUE. More on this when I get serious about rereading Bleach.

[CFUW 37 - locked to Saya]

I can't ask if you're a wolf 'cos you're not a wolf.

BLEACH stats: Kusajishi Yachiru

- 109 cm
- 15.5 kg
- D.O.B. February 12

- 11th Company crest symbol: Nokogirisou (yarrow plant)
- Motto: "Fight"

- The shortest and lightest member of the thirteen court guards companies.

- From Kusajishi, the 79th district of North Rukongai.

- Similar to Kenpachi, she's the only person ever to become an assistant captain of the thirteen companies without taking the enlistment exam.

- Her sword isn't very long, but its scabbard has training wheels because she pulls it behind her with a string, instead of wearing it at her waist. Ikkaku, who is good with tools, made it for her after she pestered him for it.

- Her favorite food is konpeito (a candy made from crystallizing sugar around a poppy seed core.) Given the chance, she'll gulp it down like it's water.

- Theme song: "Yoo-Hoo!" by Sora Izumikawa. Recorded in "Sora He."
Yachiru's biggest appearance in the Bleach canon so far. Only changes are 'Kenny' back to 'Ken-chan' and 'Ichi' to 'Icchy.'

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So Yachiru, ever since the first camp family tree post went up, calls certain people 'brother' or 'sister' or 'father' or 'mother.' This...is slightly misleading as to the way she views them. S-SO. This is how she actually sees her 'camp family' and it's sort of like a relationship list, only...I dunno. HANDY-DANDY CATEGORIZATION AND EVERYTHING. Because it's 2 AM and I'm starting to confuse myself. D:

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How to play a Kusajishi Yachiru! ...because her voice has been a bit off lately and I know it and you know it so it's time for a reminder. LOLIOLIOLIOLIOOO.

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Thank you, and good night. ♥